Andreou The New Classics

Website Design and Development, Social Media Management, Social Media Campaigns, Google Ads

Andreou The New Classics is a bespoke furniture company in Athens. They believe that furniture should speak to our soul. Reflect our personality, our aesthetics, our influences.

Having a history of over 40 years creating furniture tailored for each house, they wanted to communicate their key messages and increase sales. Timeless creations characterized by elegance, harmony and balance between modern and classical. Time-resistant furniture thanks to the high quality of their materials, but also their contemporary design.
We designed and developed a website that conveys the above rationale. With the new website as our core driver, we are handling Facebook and Instagram, showcasing the products to a targeted audience. Through Google Ads, we run search and display remarketing campaigns. In the first 3 months working with the client we achieved 80% increase in sales.

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