Inbound marketing 2017: 5 steps to success

Inbound Marketing seems to be the best choice for companies, either B2B or B2C, when it comes to the stage of acquiring customers through Internet. There are lots of reasons why this is happening but the main are the following:

  • It is consumer driven

  • It is content rich

  • It is timely

  • It is solution based


In this article, we will cover the 5 main steps that will help you develop an effective inbound marketing strategy for 2017 and will bring you in front of the competition. It sounds good, right? So, take a big breath, relax and let’s get started!

Define your Buyer Personas

This is the first, and more important, step of your strategy. In this case, if you have not paid a lot of attention to understand your persona, you should do it now. You have to study your ideal buyers and understand their characteristics such as demographic, economic, their pains and desires, questions and be in position to offer solutions that will put an end to their problem(s).

Inbound marketing is all about creating content, so you need to create content that will speak directly to your perfect audience and address their issues. In this way, all your marketing actions and strategies will be a lot more effective.

Grow and Nurture your Email subscribers

Email marketing is still growing and is considered to be a quite effective method of increasing your ROI and it is estimated that its use will be increased even more in 2017.

What you need to do is to create a sales funnel that will give your business the opportunity to attract qualified leads and convert them into customers. Spend a lot of time in nurturing those leads and your email lists will become an important revenue source.

At this stage, we will offer you some simple tricks to increase your email lists:

  • Include at your website a top bar that will remain there and will be always present. It captures the visitor’s attention and can bring results.
  • Organize and execute webinars quite often and invite people to attend them. In order to participate they will register with their email address. In this way, you will generate new leads every time.
  • Try to include opt-in boxes within each blog post. The readers will have to download the added content you offer and is related to your topic. But, they will need to enter their email address. It is a method that improves a lot your conversions.


No, this step is not finished, because building your email lists is one thing. Where you will send your message is the other one important thing. In case you gathered, for example, 5,000 subscribers from different campaigns you can’t expect from them to receive the same email. The reason is very simple: They opted-in for different reasons and want to read an email that will give answer to their needs.

So, you need to segment your lists in order to personalize your emails and increase the engagement. If you desire the best results from your email marketing strategy, segmentation is all you need to take care of.

Blogging, blogging and…blogging!

Inbound marketing is based on blogging (content creation) and is not an exaggeration when they say that Content is the King, so you should not ignore it.

It is a unique opportunity to increase your SEO score of your website and your conversions at the same time. It will play a crucial part in building a good reputation, increasing your website’s traffic and enriching your email lists.

But you don’t want just to create content, you must create remarkable content that will bring you in front of the competition and the other countless articles on the Internet.

The following tips will help you to craft awesome blog content:

  • Choose to use interactive content, such as infographics, videos, podcasts and polls. In this way, you will be able not only to enrich your content but also to improve dramatically your overall website’s experience.
  • Search engines tend to love big blog posts and promote them in the search engine results. So, include in your content strategy and some blog posts exceeding the 1,500+ words.
  • Add visuals within your content. It will make your blog more attractive and will lead to more social shares, when you distribute it to your social media assets (Facebook, Twitter, etc).
  • Make sure that your blog posts will be accessible from mobile devices. The majority of the world has gone mobile, so you want to make it easy for them to read your content.
    And an extra tip: if your website is not mobile friendly, Google penalizes it and this thing affects negatively your SEO Score.


1. Provide full support to your Social Media Strategy

You already know that the majority of people is on social media but do you know that social media is playing a great role in buying decisions? For 2017 all you need to do with your social media strategy is to find ways to connect with your followers and engage them with your content. 

But the purpose of this article is to provide you with specific info, so let’s see what you should do at this step by offering some tips:

  • First of all, try to define your main objectives. In other words, you must publish content with a purpose, either to generate likes, shares or leads. So, make decisions about your goals and enrich them with the appropriate CTAs (Call To Action).
  • Spend a lot of time in being social. Engage with your followers , ask them questions and for feedback, like, share and comment on their posts.
  • Social media, exactly like Inbound Marketing, is all about sharing remarkable content that speaks directly to your audience. Try to publish videos, images of high quality, quotes, curated content, GIFs, infographics and, of course, your blog posts from your website.


2. Use more Social Videos

We live in the video era and seems that people tend to pay more attention to videos than images.

Some interesting statistics are the following:

  • People are willing to spend 3 times more watching live social videos opposed to videos that are not live.
  • Social videos tend to gain 1200% more shares than texts and images.

(Source: Social Media Today)

Social videos will help your business to promote the main brand message, demonstrate your products or services, host Q&A and webinars. It is a great opportunity for you to earn more trust and likes from your fans and create transparency by giving the opportunity your audience to further know you.

In addition, you will receive real feedback from your viewers and you will be in better position to offer them what they really want.

Well, this is it. We strongly believe that by following these 5 steps you will be in position to develop an effective inbound marketing strategy for 2017 and you will be in position to reach your goals.

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